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Science to integrate dwelling with nature


Creating Elemental Balanced for Real Estate

The purpose of True Yogic Dwelling is to recognize the natural powers of the Sixteen zones for planning, designing, and organizing residential and commercial spaces for better health and lifestyle.

Taking Your Real Estate to the Next Level

True Yogic Dwelling knows that earth energies, zones and the five elements of life can be incorporated in various ways to create a harmonious and balanced space.

Unleashing the Potential of the natural Elements

By placing their representatives eg: rooms, activities, appliances, colors, objects, shapes, paintings, home decor, etc in their friendly directions, zones and area to support your goals.

"Elements fascinate me! I grew up noticing elements & their significance"

~Gautam Rana


Meet Gautam Rana

Gautam Rana, the creator of True Yogic Dwelling, leads the way in incorporating the principles of the five natural elements into residential and commercial structures. With over a decade of practical experience and ongoing research in Vastu Science, he is transforming homes and workspaces into mindful environments.

Tidy Desk

Kind Words

Gautam is a professional and extremely knowledgeable in the practice of vastu. He took the time to scientifically and logically explain on how vastu works and the impact certain things and natural elements have in our daily lives .


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