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Our home defines us. It is in these enclosed walls, where we give & receive love which nurtures our body, mind and soul. This is where our personality is formed, our character is built and attitudes towards our dreams and future aspirations are developed. 


We provide consultation services to: 


  • Single-Family home

  • Multi-family home

  • Apartments

  • Custom home 

  • Luxury Custom Home Developers


​​*True Yogic Dwelling avoids structural changes on Existing dwellings.



True Yogic Dwelling lays great emphasis on the type of the business requirements. Every work space is built with a definite purpose. People are influenced by their space. To improve productivity and output.


We provide consultation services to:


  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Buildings

  • Industrial Spaces

  • Hotels

  • Special Purpose Buildings

  • Real Estate Developers


We design customized seminars according to your industry, so it can be a beneficial tool for any company to increase the overall well-being, work environment and productivity of their employees. This knowledge is proven to be beneficial to businesses across the board.

Foundation Course

A foundation course provides an overview to know the effects and methodology of Vastu Science. The course is designed to provide practical sessions to enrich you with hands-on learning and how to analyze imbalance in space by evaluating floor plans. This knowledge is beneficial for business owners, architects, interior designers, construction and the real estate industry, who wish to add value to their services. It is also imperative for people who are purchasing, constructing, renovating their properties. An individual can also utilize this information to enhance their personal life in all aspects.

Consultation Process

Step One

Initial Meeting

Step Two

Draftsman Site Visit

Step Three

Practitioner Site Visit

Step Four


Initial meeting is to understand the project, provide a quote and review the consultation process with the client. 

Draftsman visit to prepare architectural drawings.
*This step is skipped if you have scaled floor-plan

Gautam Rana personally conducts a site survey.
*The most important and crucial step of the consultation

A personalized report with suggestions is created.

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