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Balancers are enhancers, which help in creating balance among five elements in the dwelling. They are used to bring happiness, love, prosperity, gains, success, positivity, good health, joy and harmonic balance in Earth energies. True Yogic Dwelling solutions rarely involve structural changes or demolition. Imbalances can be easily corrected with the use of color, metal strips, colored bulbs, paintings, statues, planetary stones, customized art objects etc. After an accurate analysis, Gautam suggestions are easy and practical solutions to create balance in your dwelling.

Home Accents

In each specific case, customized balancers are suggested to produce desired results.


Metal Wires

Metal Strip technique proves to be very handy when it comes to rectification of bad effects of toilets and negative entrances without any demolition. There are five types of metal strips representing each element, which are used after accurate analysis.

mettal wire.png

Planetary Stones

Planetary Stone is an advanced remedy which is carefully advised after an in depth study of the floor plan to achieve desired output.

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