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Practitioner Gautam Rana

Gautam Rana, the creator of True Yogic Dwelling, leads the way in incorporating the principles of the five natural elements into residential and commercial structures. With over a decade of practical experience and ongoing research in earth energies and natural elements, he is transforming homes and workspaces into mindful environments.


Collaborating with homeowners, custom home builders, real estate developers, architects, and interior & exterior designers, Gautam crafts healthy, productive, and positive residential or commercial environments. His design philosophy involves harmonizing the five elements - Air, Water, Space, Earth, and Fire - within a structure to establish the Cycle of Balance in harmony with nature. When applying True Yogic Dwelling principles to a building's floor plan, interior and exterior design, he strategically incorporates representatives of the five elements. This includes aligning rooms, activities, appliances, colors, objects, shapes, paintings, home decor, and more within their respective energy areas, directions, and zones of the dwelling.


In addition to his practice, Gautam collaborates with real estate professionals and associations to raise awareness about the benefits of elementally balanced real estate. He hosts an educational radio talk show in the Bay Area and actively leverages social media platforms to educate others on this subject. Gautam shares his expertise through community seminars, workshops, and courses tailored for individuals curious about Vastu Science. His ultimate aim is to transform every dwelling into an elementally healthy and conscious space that empowers residents to achieve their goals across all facets of life.

True Yogic Dwelling

The Pioneer in Combining natural Elements, Holistic Living and Architecture Astrology

The Earth serves as a platform for the manifestation of the desires of Universal Consciousness through human consciousness. Nature acts as a facilitator, similar to a manager, orchestrating the necessary powers and conditions for the manifestation of our purpose or core desires. Energy grids crisscross the Earth both horizontally and vertically, forming energy lines recognized by ancient Indian alchemists as Mandalas or energy fields. They delved deeper into this concept, uncovering the significance and utilization of individual Mandalas, also known as directional zones, to fulfill specific objectives. This body of knowledge is encapsulated in ancient Indian Scriptures known as Vastu Shastra, which combines "Vastu" for buildings and "Shastra" for science. It is an ancient practice that focuses on creating harmonious and positive energies within living and working spaces to establish consciously balanced environments integrated with nature. 



Practitioners of this science mastered the art of strategically placing various objects to optimize performance in their endeavors. When land or buildings are acquired for a specific intent, distinct energy fields naturally arise upon enclosing the space, mirroring a miniature representation of the Universe, as articulated in the Sanskrit verse "Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande," meaning what exists in the microcosm is mirrored in the macrocosm. Every structure is governed by these energy fields, which are integral components of Earth's energy and interact with human consciousness based on their unique attributes.


The environment in which we live or work directly impacts our mental and physical well-being. Within a structure, there are 45 major energies that regulate and influence human consciousness, with the five elements serving as diagnostic tools to establish balanced states. By aligning the energies and directional zones of a dwelling in an elementally balanced manner, occupants can navigate towards their goals effortlessly in various facets of life such as health, relationships, wealth, prosperity, and joy. True Yogic Dwelling adheres to and implements authentic principles by strategically placing representatives of the five elements - including rooms, activities, appliances, colors, objects, shapes, paintings, and home decor - in harmonious directions, zones, and areas to establish the Cycle of Balance.


Vastu Science is independent of any religious affiliations.


The 16 


The 16 Vastu zones govern every aspect of our existence. Each of the 16 Vastu zones has its own attributes and effects. Each zone is governed by its specific element; its powers may be overactive or inactive if there is an imbalance of the element. Vastu corrects the balances of each zone.


North East is the zone of vision, ideas, meditation.


North West zone is meant for support, banking, work partner.


West is the zone for dining, gains, profit, friends.


South of South East is the zone for strength, power, confidence, relatives.


West of North West is the zone for detoxification, depression, counselor.


East of North East is for recreation, friends, joy.


South East is the zone for zeal, cash liquidity, employees.


East is the zone for social associations, government, politics.


North is the zone of treasure, opportunities, money, customers.


South of South West zone is for expenditure, disposal, waste.


North of North West is the zone for attraction, sex, pleasure.


South West is the zone for relationships, partner, skill.


South zone is meant for relaxation, fame, neighbors, society.


East of South East zone is meant for anxiety, analyses.


West of South West zone is meant for education, savings, skill.


North of North East zone is meant for medicines, health, immunity.

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