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The Process

Gautam Rana is the founder of True Yogic Dwelling and a renowned pioneer in integrative Vastu Science, mind-body and architectural Astrology. His practical work experience of over a decade and ongoing research in the field of Vastu Science, is transforming dwellings into conscious dwellings. 


He works with homeowners, custom home builders, real estate developers, architects, and interior & exterior designers to create healthy, productive and positive residential or commercial dwellings. While designing he keeps the 5 elements of Air, Water, Space, Earth and Fire to create a structure in sync with nature to initiate the formula of the Cycle of Balance. During the application of principles and methods of Vastu Science on a buildings' floor plan, interior and exterior design, he incorporates the representatives of the 5 elements. For example, the activities, appliances, colors, objects, shapes, paintings, home decor, etc in their respective energy areas, directions and zones of the dwelling.

Currently, in addition to practicing Vastu Science, he is working with real estate professionals and associations to spread awareness of the subject and the benefits of an elementally balanced real estate. He does an informative radio talk show in the Bay Area, answering questions related to Vastu Science and consciously making an effort through social media platforms to educate others about the subject. Gautam shares his passion with others via community seminars and workshops. He also offers courses to inquisitive individuals interested in learning Vastu Science. Gautam's goal is to update each dwelling to an elementally healthy and conscious dwelling which supports their residents in achieving their goals in all aspects of their lives.

Step One

Initial Meeting

Initial meeting is to understand the project, review the consultation process and provide a quote to the client.

Step Two

Draftsman Site Visit

Surveyor visits and draws an accurate measured floor-plan of the real estate

(This step is skipped if you have scaled floor-plan)

Step Three

Practitioner Site Visit

Gautam Rana personally conducts a site survey.

*The most important and crucial step of the consultation

Step Four


A personalized report with suggestions is created.

 True Yogic dwelling avoids structural changes on Existing dwellings.

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