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Types of Consultation

We provide consultation to create 5 elemental balance for new or existing residential and commercial properties.


Our home defines us. It is in these enclosed walls, where we give and receive love which nurtures our body, mind and soul. This is where our personality is formed, our character is built and attitudes towards our dreams and future aspirations are developed. During the visit, Gautam checks and records the influences of entrances, roads, elevations, slopes, floor plan and many more factors located outside the home. He also checks placement of elements inside your home such as activities, appliances, interior decor, bedroom placement for whole family and many more factors. The purpose of True Yogic Dwelling is to recognize the natural power of 16 zones for planning, designing, and programming your dwelling accordingly to achieve health, happiness, social connectivity, spirituality, thinking, money, power, peace, expansions, bonding, study, gains, pleasures, etc. 



True Yogic Dwelling lays great emphasis on the type of the business requirements. Every work space is built with a definite purpose. People are influenced by their space. Gautam works to improve productivity and output. During visit Gautam collects information such as influence of common entrance of the building, common corridors, adjoining buildings, roads, elevation, office/suit/building floor plans and many more factors located outside and inside your workplace boundaries. This information is used to develop an individualized balanced work space. With this approach Gautam has designed offices’s for, IT companies, Architects, Real-Estates, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, Politicians, Builders, Management-Consultants etc.

Fatories and warehouse

Industry/ Warehouse

Gautam emphasizes on complete understanding of the production process and targeted results. He works to understand your vision and develops a customized solution that works in your favor and overall growth. The application method changes as per requirements of the industry. During the visit he checks and records the influences of adjoining buildings, entrances, roads and many other factors outside of the building.  Inside the building, placement of elements, company activities, the layout of machines and production flow is all studied to suggest optimal placement of each elements.


Gautam suggests favorable new residence or plot for the client, keeping their preferred floor plan in mind. He pays attention to entrance, roads, location, slopes, road hits, plot plan, site plan and many more factors while selecting plot or new residence.

According to Gautam there is no perfect property available according to the principles of Vastu, unless it’s custom built implementing Vastu principles. After the selection of the plot or residence a 4 step method is applied to remedy remaining imbalances by applying  balancers.

New Residence/ Plot



To suggest suitable land for custom residence, commercial building, multi residence or commercial units or farming. Gautam checks for road hits, location, slopes, entrances and many more factors on property. He also works with your architect by placing activities in their supportive zones such as kitchen, home office, study room, prayer room, meditation room, gym, game room, laundry room, kids room, master bedroom, restrooms , color etc. True Yogic Dwelling applies Vastu science to make scientific dwellings with ancient principles of construction and natural balance of the 5 elements in 16 zones.

Logo Design

We design Logos for your business by choosing beneficial colors, symbols and letters according to your birth chart which will enhance productivity, branding, fame etc.

Logo Design

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