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Consultation Process

True Yogic Dwelling follows a systematic method to create balance in 16 zones of a space or building with the help of 5 elements.

Consultation Process

Initial Meeting

Gautam starts with a free initial meeting to understand his client's goals. This meeting also provides an opportunity for the client to engage with the consultant for a personalized session to go over the application process in which he provides a service quote.

Surveyor Site Visit (This step is skipped if you have measured floor-plan)

A surveyor visits and draws an accurate measured floor-plan of your property, office, plot or residence.

Practitioner Site  Visit

Gautam personally conducts a detailed survey of the building. This includes confirming degree, interiors, objects, entrance, etc. This is studied to identify the problem areas and to decide optimum solutions by applying a 4 Step method to create balance in the 16 zones with the help of five elements.


The most important and crucial step of the consultation is to assess factors, which cannot be adequately addressed in a floor-plan.


Gautam provides a report with detailed analysis of the findings and list of suggestions to balance the property. True Yogic dwelling avoids structural changes or demolition. Easy and practical solutions are deployed to make your space balanced.

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