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Is Vastu Based on Astrology?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Vastu is often confused with Astrology.

These are two different subjects that deal with two various aspects of the elements. Vastu is very commonly mistaken as based on astrology because they relate through elements.

When we talk about Vastu - formulae or fundamentals, the method, the principles are not the same as astrology, but they are correlated. Both of these subjects have their own identity, sciences, and backing. They are interrelated, but not the same, Vastu remedies cannot be according to astrology principles, Astrology solutions cannot be used to remedy Vastu problems.

For example, I worked with a client whose birth chart indicated that he would have money easily; however, they were struggling financially. It makes you wonder, Why is that?

It needed to be studied from different levels, is it the Astrological point of view or the Vastu perspective. After careful study, the relevant zone needed to be balanced to help his situation (Keeping in mind that it's the consultant's job to find where the disconnection from an individual to nature is).

Astrology is based on Nakshatra, Planets, and houses. Vastu is based on Zones, Entrance, and Activities, but they are both governed by the elements; that's how they are connected, but they are not the same.

You can't ask an astrologer to perform a medical procedure with an Astrology approach; only a medical practitioner can do that. So elements are the same, but the attributes of the elements change as per different subjects, meaning that the elements will behave differently, and keeping that into consideration, you have to balance a property with the Vastu approach.

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