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Earth is the manifestation ground for desires of Universal Consciousness through human consciousness. To manifest our purpose or core desire, nature, like a manager, facilitates all necessary powers and conditions. The Earth is encircled with energy lines, both horizontally and vertically, thus creating energy grids. Ancient Indian alchemists recognized them as Mandalas(Energy fields). They went further in this discovery and they recognized the usage of individual Mandalas to fulfill specific purposes.

In 1952, a German scientist Manfred Curry found these energy lines and termed them as Curry Lines. His colleague Earnest Hartmann in 1967 found that diagonal patterns existed also and termed them as Hartmann Grid. They found that neurological disorders and cancers are due to sleeping on the crossing of these lines. He worked out that there are certain energy fields on the Earth that are responsible for the healthy body or the diseased body. As Hartmann said, problems are only due to sleeping on the energy lines, which are known as ‘Marmasthan’(Sensitive points) according to Indian ancient scriptures. The ancient Indian Scripture goes into much more detail and is known as Vastu Shastra (Science to create 5 elemental balance in space). Hartmann developed certain methods to detect those Earth energy lines and to avoid the intersections for sleeping and mentioned that even if you puncture the intersections, the negative fields will be created and negativity will be there in the space. Vastu Science also recommends to avoid these sensitive points. Vastu Shastra goes into more detail of energy fields in addition to energy lines. Vastu comes from the same wisdom texts as yoga, meditation and the first medicine, Ayurveda. These texts are thousands of years old and predate any other known written information pertaining to all things that exist within our world and universe. Vastu is science of making scientific dwellings, with ancient principles of construction and natural balance of the elements. Ancient practitioners of Vastu developed the art of perfect placement of different objects to experience peak performance in their actions. Based on this understanding, they made temples to such great precision so as to activate certain Chakras in body.  

Humans buy land or make structures for a certain purpose. As soon as space is enclosed, different energy fields emerge automatically which also behave as scaled down model of universe. This phenomena is also mentioned in a Sanskrit verse “Yat pinde tat Brahmande” which means whatever is in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm. Every building is governed by energy fields, these comprise a vital element of earth energy. These energy fields react with human consciousness as per their own attributes. There are 45 major energy fields in a building that control and influence consciousness, and 980 minor energy fields. The same form of energy gets developed in exactly the same place in a building when it is constructed, forming a grid, which is called the soul of building. In Vastu each energy field is governed by 5 elements, just like seven energy chakras of Yoga, and in Astrology each planet is governed by certain element. These 5 elements are the connectors and used as a tool to diagnose and to create balance state in each subject.


With True Yogic Dwelling’s practical approach and formulae we can check the energy lines in the built up space and balance the imbalanced ones with the help of 5 elements without constructional changes. These Natural Earth energy lines are used as carrier waves. We connect your space with the whole world to manifest your desire. There is a purpose behind everything on Earth. The purpose of these energy lines, and the fields in their Grids (Mandalas) are meant to connect the whole world, and become complementary to fulfill each other’s purpose. 

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