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Gautam Rana

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Gautam Rana is a reputed practitioner in the complex field of Earth Energy also known as VastuShastra. Translated Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture. He has been practicing and providing consultation services throughout Northern America for over 9 years. He has helped hundreds of clients remedy problems to obtain real positive results and changes by balancing the 16 energy zones of a property. He consistently produces results after applying remedies to his client's homes and businesses. His clients benefit from applying various changes and they experience the positive influence of True Yogic Dwelling.


Gautam believes in the value of following this scientific practice because it has made a difference in his own life. In 2000, he joined AT&T, a famous telecommunication network company in the USA, where he worked for three years in technical support. He went on to perform exceedingly well as an Insurance Agent. In 2005, he successfully owned and operated a restaurant. However, an unfortunate incident led to the closure of his business in 2010. Closure of the business also brought along with it a number of hardships. Completely shaken up by this harrowing experience, he wondered as to why the unfortunate incident occurred in his life all of a sudden. While Gautam felt he was stuck in tough times, his father suggested that there must have been some earth energy flaw in the restaurant space. His father, Dr. Subash Rana, an Ayurvedic practitioner and a firm believer of Earth Energies / Earth Magnetic Fields.


During this time, Gautam contacted Vastu Shastri Khushdeep Bansal to get his brotherly advice and guidance. He suggested Gautam come to India to learn this Vastu Shastra. During his initial training, Gautam was immediately intrigued about the practical and scientifically based method of balancing Earth’s energies. He found a deep connection and developed passion for this science.  Over the next several years, while in India, Gautam received rigorous training, coaching and guidance directly from the respected Guru. With the blessing of his Guru, Gautam brought this practical application to the United States by opening an office. Through his office, he provides consultation services throughout the USA and Canada.


Currently, in addition to practicing, Gautam is leading the way for others to understand the benefits of Earth science by explaining basic and simple principles of complex Vastu Shastra in his classes and seminars throughout North America. He is spreading awareness on this subject via his radio show True Yogic Dwelling through Radio ZindagiBay Area. Gautam shares his passion with othersby conducting free community seminars as an introduction to the ancient knowledge of VastuShastra. He also conducts two-day VastuFoundation course, for other more inquisitive individuals who are interested in getting to know Vastu Shastra. Gautam also leads specialized seminars for real estate and development professionals to help them enhance their skills and apply the principle of Vastu Shastra in their respective fields of work. He also works with some prominent architects in the Bay Area to develop custom home and commercial buildings.


Gautam wants to take this science through True Yogic Dwelling to every home and business which can improve the quality of life by creating balance in 16 energy zones, with the help of the five elements.

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