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Foundation Course

Gautam leads a foundation course which provides an overview and is an introduction for individuals who are interested in getting to know effects and methodology of Vastu Science. The course is designed to provide practical sessions to enrich you with hands on learning and how to analyze imbalance in space by evaluating floor plans. This knowledge is beneficial for business owners, architects, interior designers, construction and the real estate industry, who wish to add value to their services. It is also imperative for people who are purchasing, constructing, renovating their properties. An individual can also utilize this information to enhance their personal life in all aspects. Foundation Courses cover the following topics and beyond. 


  • Introduction to Vastu- its principles, practices, origins and history.

  • Influence of building onto the mind and body.

  • Attributes and importance of the 5 elements, directions and 16 zones. 

  • Effects of Entrance.
    Effects of activities, appliances, home accents, room placements  in each of the 16 Zones.

  • Connection of the 5 elements with directions and zones.

  • Techniques to balance entrances, toilets, appliances, activities etc.

Please fill the following information if you are interested in attending upcoming course and follow us on facebook page for upcoming seminars and courses.

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